Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reclaim Fun!

A friend shared this video on her Facebook site and it made me stop and think. Here's a quick synopsis: a team of scientists found that by making a traditionally drudgerous task fun, people chose fun almost every time regardless of how "hard" it was.
Just like something else I know. ZUMBA!
So I thought about it, why not apply that principle across the board? It's easy to see how much fun children can have doing something like folding laundry or digging holes for planting flowers because
they haven't learned yet that it isn't fun!
My challenge to myself and to you for this week is to "unlearn" that something isn't fun.
Have a paradigm shift.
Forget that exercise isn't supposed to fun, just "good for you."
Forget that making dinner is a chore and reclaim your inner child!
Let's take back the fun, startiung with Zumba on Monday night!

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