Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Power of Music

I was getting ready to change my cooldown song from one beautiful song, Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke to Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli. I was listening to Con Te Partiro to see if it would work for my purposes. (it did) My four year old came out to the kitchen, arms crossed, brow furrowed and declared, "I don't like that song."
"Really?" I said, "But it is so beautiful."
"It's sad," she said.
Whoa! She's four, and it's in Italian. But she knew.
And then, my six year old came out to the kitchen and wanted to know what the words to the song meant in English. So we went to Youtube and found a video where we could listen in Italian and read the words in both Italian and English. As I read the words aloud to her, the tears streamed down her face and she wept and wept. Open heart, light heart, beautiful heart.
What is it that moves us so deeply?
Is THIS really the secret to Zumba's success???
And how did the two songs work in class? Using Hallelujah, people openly sang the words. We had one class in a church where the lights in the church came on just as the final crescendo hit! Timing, as they say!
Con Te Partiro, we all sang, welled up and who knows what we thought of?