Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zumba for a Cure! May 10th

Okay, you know how there are just some things that are meant to go together? Like peanut butter and chocolate? Strawberries and cream? Milk and cookies? Little black dress and peep toe pumps?
Well, that is how I feel about me and the amazing Tanya Ryan! Throw some HOT Latin music in there and wrap it all up in the incredible event space at Open Square and you got yourself "Zumba for a Cure"!
Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 7pm, Open Square Event Space, donations gratefully accepted. All proceeds benefit Hunting for a Cure, helping to raise awareness and funds for a cure to Huntington's Disease.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Hope to see you there!
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shake Shake Shake Dance for a Cause 4/30/2011

I will be collecting canned food and other non-perishable food items in class all this week, April 25th for donation to the Shake Shake Shake Event in Sunderland, MA on Saturday, April 30th.
This event is to benefit the Amherst and Turners Falls Survival Centers.
I will also accept donations at my home if anyone can't make it to class but would still like to help out!
Please email me if you need to arrange a pick up or drop off outside of class time.
If you are interested in attending the event here are the details.
Time: 4pm-6pm on Saturday, April 30th, 2011
Location: First Congregational Church, 91 South Main Street, Sunderland, MA
Info: An introduction to the Zumba Program with area instructors, Bella Dickerman, Juliet Cannici, Kate O'Donnell, Lauren Franks and Zulma Rivera, with John Delapena from Seattle, WA
Proceeds will benefit area needy families and also the Amherst and Turners Falls Survival Centers.
Cost: $8 or $5 with canned food item

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Be Kind to Yourself, It Might Lower Your Blood Pressure

Seriously. It might. Check out the video of a song we started doing this week called "Shake It" by Michael Franti and Spearhead with Lady Saw. The song is a happy expression of beauty being in the eye of the beholder and knowing that you are perfect just the way you are. To delve a little more, so many of you that I know personally are in the "helping professions" which require lots of giving to others. It also requires treating others with a certain amount of compassion. I came across this blog posting which suggests that people who find it easy to be supportive and compassionate toward others often score surprisingly low on self-compassion tests. The research suggests that giving ourselves a break and accepting ourselves can lead to better health. People who score more highly on self-compassion tests have less depression and anxiety and tend to be more happy and optimistic.
Give yourself a break, you deserve it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Best Gifts...

are the ones you can't put a price tag or gift wrap on. I know, I know, but it's true! This week I want to share a personal experience. My girls have swimming every Friday afternoon and it is always a struggle to keep my almost two year old son from jumping into the pool with them, throwing balls into the pool or just generally squirming around for the entire hour and fifteen minutes we're in the pool area. I had plans with a friend to meet up after swim with the kids for an early dinner. She offered to bring baby boy to play and take a walk. It was on the tip of my tongue to say, "Oh no, we can manage, I don't want to trouble you." But instead, I said, "Thank you, that would be wonderful." I don't know if this is the case for you, but I often have a hard time accepting help or "gifts" like that from people. I am conditioned, as a mother, to think I have to do it all myself or maybe I just have gotten used to doing some things like that myself. I am really trying to graciously accept these gifts which are freely given. On Friday, baby boy could have had his usual afternoon of squirming and being told, "No, Stop, Come back here!" Instead, he spent time with a wonderful friend who delighted him with playing picnic, going down the slide, hanging upside down from the monkey bars and getting blessed fresh air! And I was able to sit and enjoy watching my beautiful girls swim like little seals and just soak them up. What a gift. So the next time someone freely offers a gift, accept it with open arms and know that the time will come when you can make someone else's day the way my friend did for me.
You never know how what might seem a simple act of kindness to you can really impact someone else's life positively.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Class Coming to Paper City Fitness!

Wednesdays at 7:00pm, directly following Zumba at All Saints' Episcopal in South Hadley! Come get yourself toned, work on improving your core strength and improve your overall fitness with a head to toe stability ball workout that includes free weights and body weight exercises.
Drop in rate is just $5 or one punch on your card! Stability ball classes begin Wednesday, March 23rd, no pre-registration necessary. Please bring ball, free weights and either mat or towel for final stretch. Feel free to contact me with any questions at
Coin scarf order has been placed! I should have them next week in class for those that would like to purchase one. If you want to take one for a test drive, I always have some in my suitcase that you can try out.
Working on some hot new songs: a new salsa, reggaeton and a cumbia that you will absolutely love!
Paper City Fitness: Bringing fabulous to a class near you!
P.S. The disco ball arrived this week!
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jump in, the water's great!

I love vacation weeks, it is so nice to be able to stop and slow down just a little or even just break out of the routine. This week I have been thinking about the comfort zone. Obviously, there is something, dare I say it, comforting, about knowing that we are good at something. Or getting ourselves into a routine and sticking with it. But when does the comfort zone become a detriment? Let me give you an example: I have an old friend that was in a car accident. After the accident, she become so nervous and upset everytime she got behind the wheel she started to find ways to make driving easier. First, she wouldn't take the highway anywhere. Then, she wouldn't drive after dark. Finally, she will literally NOT make a left hand turn. This is her comfort zone. Is it safe? Probably more so than if she did these things. But what is she missing out on? Visiting friends. Taking a direct route instead of having to mentally figure out how not to turn left. Who knows what else and the point is she will never know!
A few years ago, a friend of mine was going on maternity leave from her job as a Fitness Instructor. I was her front row diva. She asked me if I would consider training to be her replacement while she was on leave. I almost said, "No way!" immediately. But I didn't. I thought about it and even though it was WAY outside of my comfort zone, I figured I would give it a try. I figured at the least all I had to do was get through a couple of months, at the best I might find out I really enjoyed doing it. Wow! When I think about how different my life might be if I hadn't said yes and stepped outside the comfort zone I am blown away.
So here is my question to you. How many opportunities are you missing out on? Are you not shaking it as much as you could in Zumba because you are afraid someone will think you look funny? I promise, they won't! Are you not letting out that giant WEPA! or whoo-hoo! in class because you are afraid you'll sound silly? I promise, you won't! Did you not try something new because it might be hard? Yes, it might be, but there is great satisfaction in learning a new skill. Don't hold back, do a gigantic cannonball or dip your big toe in the water, I promise it feels great!
This week begins our session at Metcalf School, Northampton Street, Holyoke, Thursdays at 4pm. We had such a great turnout for the demo class, I am convinced that we have a hot one on our hands. And what's great about that is that we will be doing something good for our public schools as well as doing something good for our bodies and ourselves! Please spread the word about this class, it is open to ANYONE who wants to attend. There will be a suggested donation of $5. One-third of all proceeds will be donated to a Metcalf School Wellness Fund to help purchase gross motor skill equipment.
There are no changes to this week's schedule at All Saints' Episcopal. Wednesdays, however, are All Request! Send me your favorite songs and we will do it up!
Please click here for a complete list of classes.
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